Rose City Clowns may donate their time and talents to a variety of charitable and non-profit events as well as fundraisers and other worthwhile causes. Here is the information that we need to know about your event in order to determine the clown alley clowns availability to participate:

Please complete the questions below and return to:

  • Please explain purpose of your event.
  • Have you ever hired entertainment for your event(s) in the past?
  • Is there anyone at this event being paid for entertainment, including food, games, music, etc.?
  • Is this an adult-only event?
  • If this is an adult-only event, will there be alcohol served?
  • What type of entertainment are you interested in from Rose City Clowns?
  • Have you requested entertainment from Rose City Clowns in previous years?

Previous Events

Rose City Clowns at the annual Candlelighter’s Christmas party

Red Cross Blood Drive, Thanksgiving Day

National Adoption Day

Alley members taking ukulele lessons in

St. Baldrick’s event 

Wilsonville Parade

Red Cross Freedom Blood Drive

Through A Child’s Eyes (Coffee Creek Correctional Facility)

Marjo celebrating her 90th Birthday!

National Clown Week, August

Candlelighters’ Camp

Oral Hull Event

Salem Art Fair & Festival Children’s Parade

20th NW Festival of Clowns

Rose City Clowns at the annual Candlelighter’s Christmas party

Wilsonville Parade

Muggins at an event

Candlelighters 2019


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